Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ain't No Rest for The Wicked

cage the elephant lyrics here

This song's all over
alternative radio
Almost hypnotic


R. Jacob said...

like the garage bands of my youth, with a touch of Talking Heads thrown in. Good stuff

Maria said...

I am so elderly. I find myself turning on MTV or U-tube and then I get bored after about ten seconds with the new songs and drift back to my old favorites.

Bing wrote her dissertation on a music study that she did that suggested that the music that we listen to in college pretty much dictates the rest of our lives and I am finding that to be true with me as well.

Lulubelle B said...

R Jacob -

I like it, too.

Maria -

I still listen to lots of classic rock from our youth, but there are several decent alternative stations that have pulled me in as well.