Wednesday, November 11, 2009


read the article in the baltimore sun

Testified last night
County's banning tanning beds
for children and teens

Board of Health wanted
melanoma surviors
to go on record

Our foundation
was invited - they asked me
It was most awesome


dive said...

Great newspaper article, Lulu.
I almost cheered when I read "the result was one of the quickest and most absolute bans on a public activity in county history."
Yay, you for helping people make the right and much-needed decision.
Nice to see you get namechecked, too.
Most awesome indeed.

Lulubelle B said...

Now we're in the midst of an email campaign to the members of the Baltimore City Council. They're voting on similar regulations early next week.

BTW, I've been in New Jersey the last two days and one of the cab drivers was tuned to a NJ radio station. They were talking about the Howard County ban. Seems this thing's got legs.


dive said...

It's in the news over here, too. I was reading on the tube this week about the "scandal" of girls in school uniform going to these tanning salons and coming out looking like cooked lobsters and with no awareness of the damage they're storing up.
Keep up the good work!

MarkL42 said...

Have you gone back and read the comments on the article in the Sun [no pun intended]? At least from what I know, there's a lot of misinformation out there.

I rather government didn't have to intervene, but how to get to people and change the mindset? How do you get the facts out and educate people so that demand for tanning (any kind) evaporates?