Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snowapalooza 2010

aka Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon

The National Weather Service says we got 32.8" this weekend, with another round scheduled to begin Tuesday afternoon.

Texas isn't looking so bad right now.

Saturday Feb 6
my neighbor's door, early Saturday morning

from my living room, midday Saturday

from my living room, midday Saturday

heat pumps, midday Saturday

more living room views

more living room views

parking lot, late Saturday afternoon

more parking lot

my car

my car, again



drifts (detail)

Sunday Feb 7
1 borrowed shovel + 1 neighbor kid with his own
shovel + cash + 90 minutes = cleared car

the real problem is where to put the snow

parking lot plowed down to bare pavement but
cars still buried

what is the forest retention area?

it's that scraggly line of trees seen behind my
building, between my apartment complex
and the condos next door

seriously, it's a protected forest area designated
by the state of maryland, complete with wildlife

these are deer tracks, i believe.  i saw does with
bambis this fall


Maria said...

This is so familiar that I can hardly stand looking at it. I haven't see my naked lady bird bath in over a month...

Janet said...

Great snow photos! I wish you could send some of it to Michigan where it belongs.

Scout said...

Oh my goodness!! Your parking lot! You have so much more snow that we have, I think.

Kate said...

Kudos to you for getting your windshield wiper blades up in advance! niplowei